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A free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format.  You can:

  • Download the files to your Mp3 player and listen on the go
  • Listen to the Mp3 files on your computer
  • View the text on a webpage and read along as you listen
  • Print out the stories and poems to make your own book
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Gooru–Learning Collections


Gooru is a service that aims to provide teachers and students with an extensive collection of videos, interactive displays, documents, diagrams, and quizzes for learning about topics in math, social studies, and science.

As a Gooru member you have access to hundreds of resources according to subject areas such as chemistry, biology, ecology, algebra, calculus, and more. Within each subject area you can look for resources according to media type such as video, interactive display, slides, text, and lesson plans. When you find resources that you want to use, drag them to the resources folder within your account. Gooru also offers you the option to add resources to your folders even if you did not find them within Gooru.

A Great Source of Math, Science, and Social Studies Materials–are tied in with Common Core State Standards as well.

Introduction to Gooru Video


Smartboard Helps


If you have the opportunity to have a smart board in your classroom, you need to be sure to utilize its functions. The SMARTBoard can go far beyond a projector and a whiteboard, and it is crucial to involve your students as much as possible since you have this unique and engaging tool! As I mentioned above, I have found some good resources for all of you to expand your uses for interactive whiteboards. First, I think it is crucial to familiarize yourself as much as possible with the whiteboard, so I found a slideshow on the 56 ways to use your SMARTBoard. Find out more below!

1. 56 Ways:

2. Training and How-Tos:

Also, just to make it easier on yourself, I found some really great resources that provide free lessons, games for your interactive SMARTBoard. Be sure to check these out below!

1. 65 Free Interactive Resources:
2. Whiteboard Games:
3. Scholastic Lessons:
4. BrainPoP – Great with student use!

iPad Apps to Meet IEP Goals


Excerpt from Technology Leader, TL Advisor Blog, May 25, 2011:

Students who are classified as Special Education must have an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Goals of the IEP include study skills, reading, math, writing, daily living, and career and transition goals.  Throughout the school year teachers are mandated to follow the student’s IEP and come up with different strategies to help the child meet his or her planned goals.


The iPad has apps useful for children with autism, developmental disability, learning disability, emotional disability or other health impairments. The apps listed below will help teachers work with their students to attain their goals.  The IEP checklist is great app specifically for teachers.  It allows the teacher to have his or her students’ IEP information at hand.  If you do put this app on your iPad I would recommend you password lock your iPad as an IEP is confidential.

The following apps would meet IEP goals for students classified autistic and developmentally disabled.

One of the main goals for students on the Autism Spectrum is the ability to answer WH questions. Super Why is an interactive app that has four different apps built into one. The app has a listening component as well as guidance for following directions.  It helps students stay on task and answer WH questions.  A new app that really meets the WH goal is Conversation Builder. Pictures are provided and students record their conversations. 

Proloquo2go  helps students who have difficulty communicating to do so  effectively. The app provides pre-set pictures which students select to convey their messages. The display is set up as a communication board or book making it easy for students to respond to a peer or an adult. This app was also mentioned in my March blog

Writing goals:

Writing goals range from being able to write a simple sentence to a detailed paragraph, through the use of a keyboard and/or an assistive technology device. The iPad has numerous writing apps, sometimes referred to as “note-taking” apps. I still have not found the perfect note-taking app. For students who have dysgraphia, the handwriting apps are still difficult. Presently, I like PaperDesk for IEP students. It allows handwriting for older students, a microphone to record a lesson, and text with different colors.  It also lets the student import pictures to their work, so it is visual as well.

Math Goals:

Telling time is an ongoing battle for students. Goals range from being able to read a digital clock to telling time to the minute. Telling Time HD   gives students three different levels, using both an analog clock and a digital clock, and can be used for many of the telling time goals.

Money is the next most difficult goal to achieve because it is so abstract.  Dittos get boring and do not give a true representation of coins or bills.  Goals range from making change from a dollar to identifying the four coins. Jungle Coins  is a versatile app because it allows the teacher to set levels for the student, activities include making change, comparing change, counting change and identifying coins.

Reading Goals:

Identifying sight words is one of the most common goals.  The App store has quite a few to choose from Word Wall Hd has four activities in a game format.  It also allows you the opportunity to make your own word wall.  Another app that uses Dr. Fry’s Instant Words Kids Learn Sight Words allows students to record the word, write the word, and use it in a sentence.  This app would meet many of the students’ IEP goals.

A common reading comprehension goal is for students to be able to answer five comprehension questions and questions of inference.  Reading for Detail and Reading for Inferences allow students to read a short paragraph and answer questions.  The answers are recorded on a bingo card, making the app more engaging. These apps each contain three levels to meet the individual needs of the students.

The iPad once again gives students and teachers another tool to help make the education process fun and lets students feel good about who they are.

Vicki Windman is a special education teacher at Clarkstown High School South.

– See more at:

Surface RT Manual


Here is the manual for the new Surface RT computer–> Surface Starten-us_Surface_RT_User_Guide

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Surface “How To” Videos


Surface StartHaving a new PC Surface tablet computer with Windows 8.1 means learning a few “swiping” techniques and new ways to do old things!

Click Here for How To Videos

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Croak It


Free, easy to use audio recording tool.  The audio file is saved on line and you access it, share it, use it with the URL code or convert to QR code that is readable with mobile devices.  The limitations are that the recording time is limited to 30 seconds.  It doesn’t provide embed code for the recording but the link is available.    This recording could be  added to their assignment and post the URL or QR code beside their work.



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Socrative–Awesome Website for Instant Surveys or Assessments


This is an easy to use website for teachers to engage their students with educational exercises and games, giving the students an “easier than raising your hand” way of responding.  It can be used on any device that accesses the web—computers, tablets, smartphones, iPads, laptops.  Teachers can get students responds on the fly, or preplanned activities/quizzes/exit tickets with reports viewable online as a Google spreadsheet or emailed as an Excel file to the teacher.

A room number is assigned to the teacher, students login with that number and off they go!!

Teachers can register for free and are given a “Room #” for students to access.

Directions for download (pdf):  Socrative directions

Creative Commons


Creative Commons – What is it and why should you care-




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QR Codes, what they are and what they can be used for?


Good information for QR Code Introduction:

Also some QR Code Apps for IPads:

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