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Croak It


Free, easy to use audio recording tool.  The audio file is saved on line and you access it, share it, use it with the URL code or convert to QR code that is readable with mobile devices.  The limitations are that the recording time is limited to 30 seconds.  It doesn’t provide embed code for the recording but the link is available.    This recording could be  added to their assignment and post the URL or QR code beside their work.



Socrative–Awesome Website for Instant Surveys or Assessments


This is an easy to use website for teachers to engage their students with educational exercises and games, giving the students an “easier than raising your hand” way of responding.  It can be used on any device that accesses the web—computers, tablets, smartphones, iPads, laptops.  Teachers can get students responds on the fly, or preplanned activities/quizzes/exit tickets with reports viewable online as a Google spreadsheet or emailed as an Excel file to the teacher.

A room number is assigned to the teacher, students login with that number and off they go!!

Teachers can register for free and are given a “Room #” for students to access.

Directions for download (pdf):  Socrative directions

Creative Commons


Creative Commons – What is it and why should you care-




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QR Codes, what they are and what they can be used for?


Good information for QR Code Introduction:

Also some QR Code Apps for IPads:

“Technology”– Use vs Integration


What a good analogy for putting the teach back into tech.

Thanks for the “pin-terest” from Nichole & Betsy….


technology chart
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iPad Apps for Education


This is a good source of apps for the iPad, iPhone and other devices that work for educators and parents.


Web Page to Make Webpages Print Friendly and/or PDF


Great quick asset to make web page you are viewing printer friendly.  Add URL to print or save as PDF.

Browser booklet can be added to your browser menu bar or a  “Printer friendly” button can be added to your website to make everything print friendly 🙂


12 Free Online Quiz Makers AND Quizlet


Some times creating a practice quiz for a student helps them prepare for a test.  Here are a few suggestions of online quiz makers that can be viewed and studied online as well as some quiz makers to be printed out.  (Some advanced features are available with the upgraded subscription versions).

Quizlet—it is a free online “flash card” generator that has cards already made up on many subjects or you can create your own sets.  Students can access them in many different ways for studying purposes.—flash mode, learn mode, scatter mode, speller, test, space racer.


Make a Quiz with PowerPoint


The following are instructions for using PowerPoint to create a simple quiz that can be viewed online, or used as a powerpoint file:

Start PowerPoint and create a new Blank presentation. Insert a new slide with the Title Only layout.

Type in your question in the Title placeholder (add graphic to the slide using the Insert | Picture | From File… option if you want one included in the question).








Now add three or more text-boxes beneath the picture and type in the answers. Only one of the answers needs to be correct. Format the text boxes with fills if required.








Create two more slides–one for the correct answer and one for the incorrect answers. I mention the correct answer on the “correct” slide and selection for “Go ahead” is added there too.  I suggest for the “incorrect” slide for users to go back to the question slide again and make another choice once they get to the “incorrect” slide. (see screenshot)



Now go back to the question slide and select the text box that contains the correct answer – be careful to select the text box and not the text itself. Use Insert tab –> Action Settings option.




In the “Mouse Click” tab of the Action Settings dialog box, activate the drop down box in the “Hyperlink to” area and choose the “Slide…” option.








In the resultant dialog box, choose to hyperlink to the “correct” answer slide.







In the same way, hyperlink the text boxes with the wrong answers to the “incorrect” answer slide. Create four similar sets of three slides each with the four remaining questions. On all the “incorrect” answer slides, provide a link back to the actual question slide so that users can attempt to answer the question again. On all the “correct” answer slides, provide a link to the next question.

Sample Quiz Format for PowerPoint


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ikiMap–Creating Customized Maps


ikiMap–online website that following free registering, you can create new maps very easily and quickly. You could use the online editor tools to draw your map, or upload your files (KML, GPX, SPH …) to ikiMap.  This website allows you to create you own place marks and notated maps for sharing or viewing online.  Elements can be added to your map–routes, points of interest or areas.  Edit your map and define the map elements and how you want to see them.  Insert descriptions, tabs, change the background of the map, add texts and images, colors, transparency and lots more.

You don’t have to start from scratch,  you can upload  files to create a map.
  • Google Earth files (KML/KMZ)
  • GPS record tracks (gpx)
  • Even GIS shape files (sip)
Merge your maps with maps from others users creating an ikiMap.  The ikiMaps allows you to see simultaneously the information of a few maps, and manage them by layers.
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