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12 Free Online Quiz Makers AND Quizlet


Some times creating a practice quiz for a student helps them prepare for a test.  Here are a few suggestions of online quiz makers that can be viewed and studied online as well as some quiz makers to be printed out.  (Some advanced features are available with the upgraded subscription versions).

Quizlet—it is a free online “flash card” generator that has cards already made up on many subjects or you can create your own sets.  Students can access them in many different ways for studying purposes.—flash mode, learn mode, scatter mode, speller, test, space racer.


Make a Quiz with PowerPoint


The following are instructions for using PowerPoint to create a simple quiz that can be viewed online, or used as a powerpoint file:

Start PowerPoint and create a new Blank presentation. Insert a new slide with the Title Only layout.

Type in your question in the Title placeholder (add graphic to the slide using the Insert | Picture | From File… option if you want one included in the question).








Now add three or more text-boxes beneath the picture and type in the answers. Only one of the answers needs to be correct. Format the text boxes with fills if required.








Create two more slides–one for the correct answer and one for the incorrect answers. I mention the correct answer on the “correct” slide and selection for “Go ahead” is added there too.  I suggest for the “incorrect” slide for users to go back to the question slide again and make another choice once they get to the “incorrect” slide. (see screenshot)



Now go back to the question slide and select the text box that contains the correct answer – be careful to select the text box and not the text itself. Use Insert tab –> Action Settings option.




In the “Mouse Click” tab of the Action Settings dialog box, activate the drop down box in the “Hyperlink to” area and choose the “Slide…” option.








In the resultant dialog box, choose to hyperlink to the “correct” answer slide.







In the same way, hyperlink the text boxes with the wrong answers to the “incorrect” answer slide. Create four similar sets of three slides each with the four remaining questions. On all the “incorrect” answer slides, provide a link back to the actual question slide so that users can attempt to answer the question again. On all the “correct” answer slides, provide a link to the next question.

Sample Quiz Format for PowerPoint


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Google Forms/Spreadsheet Formatting


Google forms are fabulous for gathering information, but sometimes, the data in the spreadsheet can be difficult to view. In this post, I’ll share a simple-to-implement formula and a bonus tip that will make it much easier to deal with (and even print) form-fed data!

The Original Data:

When you collect data into a Google spreadsheet from a form, it will look something like this:

If you have a large amount of questions (and especially if some of them are essay questions), it requires a lot of scrolling to view the data.

The Transpose Formula: By using the “Transpose” formula, you can easily make the data look like this:

Notice that the information is now vertical instead of horizontal, making it much easier to view individual responses.

How to do it:   Transpose Formula
Changes data from rows to columns

  1. Create a new sheet.
  2. Enter the following formula in ceel A1 of Sheet2:  =Transpose (Sheet1!A:H)
    Note: Adjust
    A:H to the desired range of columns. If you don’t want the timestamp to show, enter B:H.
  3. Press the enter key and watch the data fill the sheet!

Inserting Rows (optional)

If you want, you can insert rows (use the “Insert” menu) within the data to add labels, notes, or formulas.

Once you’ve entered a label or formula, grab the square in the bottom-right corner of the cell and drag across to the right to fill the label/formula across.

For printing purposes (see bonus tip below) select all cells and change the alignment to “left” and “top.” (Use the “alignment” icon in the toolbar at the top of the page.)

Change fonts, colors, styles, and sizes, as desired.
Resize the rows to change the spacing within the data.


Bonus Tip
Printing All Records (One per page)

  1. Follow the directions above to transpose the data
  2. Follow the directions above to insert rows and add labels (optional).
  3. Click the triangle at the top of Column A and choose “Hide Column.”
  4. Select all columns with data.
  5. Click a triangle in the column header area and “resize” the column widths to 725.
  6. Note – The number 725 may need to be adjusted for different printers.
  7. Choose the print options shown in the screen shot below.

If all goes well, each “record” will print on a separate page:


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Zondle–Games to Support Learning


ZondleZondle–check out this website for creating games based on your subject or curriculum  The Zondle website has prepared games on some topics or you can create your own topics and have the students play the games for review.  You can create games or complete Zondle packages that include all types of curriculum avenues–text, video, images, audio–and then even a review “game”.  Your topics can be incorporated into several game types for student review.

Check out Zondle’s features:

How does Zondle work?

4 Great Free Interactive Sites–ClassTools, Crossmap, Solar System Scope & PhED


Picture 2 Create free educational games, quizzes, activities and diagrams in seconds and then post them to your own blog or website. No charge, no signup required. Templates abound in all areas of the curriculum. Students can design multiple interactive games from the same set of questions and answers. Newest template is “Fakebook” (a Facebook template that allows teachers and students to create imaginary profile pages for study purposes for book characters, historical people, chart the plot of a book, the development of a character, a series of historical events, the debates and relationships between people, and so on.)

Picture 1
Solar System Scope:  Interactive, 3D model of solar system planets and night sky.

Picture 3

PhET :  Fun, interactive simulations of physical phenomena–physics, chemistry, earth science, physical science and math simulations– from the PhET project at the University of Colorado.  These simulations can run online, download them or even embed them in your website for student use.

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Creating a Self-Grading M/C Quiz using Google Forms


Good way to have students quizzes self-grading in Google Docs.  This works for quizzes that have correct answers, not in the case of an essay question situation.  Good explanation on how to create this quiz…

Google Form Self-Grading Quiz

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