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CleVR–Create Your Own Panoramic Images


CleVR is an application (free signup and download of Stitcher software) allows you to take a set of images and stitch them together to create a panoramic image. All you have to do is Shoot–Stitch–Shar.   The panoramic image you create can be rotated side to side, up and down, and zoomed in and out.  You will drag and drop images onto your CleVR clipboard or upload to your clipboard.  You select the sequence of the images and CleVR stitches them together to make your panorama.  You finished product can be posted on the CleVR website or embedded into your own website or blog.

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Snag Learning Films


SnagLearning:  This site has free downloadable films on numerous topics, can be searched by topics:  arts & music, children’s learning, math & science,  history, foreign language, political science & civics, foreign culture & geography.  Grade levels are available and are free to use in the classroom.  Films are streamed from such channels as National Geographic, NOVA, or Discovery Channel.

Other videos sites are reviewed in this short video, “Top 10 Educational Video Sites for Teachers and Learning”.

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Automatoon–Create Animations for the Web


Automatoon is a free service for creating simple to complex animations that you can reuse anywhere on the web.  There are three basic steps to using Automatoon.  First, you draw and color your images.  Second, you break apart each element of your drawing and third, you specify the animation action for each part of your drawing.  There are three basic animation actions that you can specify:  bend, move and change.  Automatoon uses HTML5  so you what you create can be view on devices like the iPad 2 that doesn’t support Flash. 

Here is a video tutorial on creating animations using Automatoon.

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YouTube and Creative Commons


YouTube has announced that it will offer video creators the option to label their works with Creative Commons licenses. If you choose to use Creative Commons licensing, people will be able to use parts of your videos and create remixes according to the Creative Commons rules. This means that people who want to create videos now have more options than before.

Info on how to use the YouTube video editor and an interview with the creator of Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig, is contained in Richard Byrne’s “Free Technology for Educators” blog for June 2, 2011, Creative Commons Licensing Comes to YouTube.

Slides prepared by Richard Byrne for using YouTube video editor:

Professor Lawrence Lessig explaining Creative Commons Licensing:

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National Jukebox


Picture 1How fun to hear the old tunes from the “Victor Talking Machine”!  The Library of Congress National Jukebox has archived more than 10,000 recordings captured on wax cylinders.  The archive can be searched and listened to on your computer.   From this National Jukebox site, you can make your selections, create your own playlist, share your playlist via social sharing sites, email it or embed it on a website or blog.

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National Geographic Map Maker Interactive and Map Making Kits


Picture 2A new beta version of a interactive map-making tool from National Geographic.  Offers six themes on which users can create custom map displays.  Lots of subcategories such as Physical Systems-Land, Physical Systems–Political & Economic or Physical Systems-Climate, are available along with interactive areas for drawing and labeling the map for your use at any time.  This site has lots of student and teacher resources for making maps, as well as, downloading, printing and using maps prepared by National Geographic.Picture 1

Also, check out the Map Making Kits for maps of the world–oceans, countries, the world,  in one-page, desktop or wall-size printouts for use by students or classes.

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April7 is a new service for clipping and sharing parts of websites. The idea is this; when you want to share just a portion of a webpage with someone you can now highlight the text you want and share it. To do this you can either use the browser extensions offered by or copy a url into Either way allows you to highlight text on the page and generates a new url that features the text you highlighted. Share this new url (via email, Twitter, or Facebook) and the recipient will see the webpage you shared with the highlighted text featured.

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Stupeflix Video


A video creative service online that is offered within your YouTube account.  To create a video in Stupeflix users mix together images, text, and sound to make a slide show-style video.  Learn more about Stupeflix in the video below.

There are some limits to the free version of the service.  Stupeflix charges if you want to create a video longer than one minute in length.

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ViewPure–YouTube videos without ads or extra tagalongs


ViewPure: Useful tool for downloading YouTube videos without the extra comments, ads, suggestions, “related videos” or “inappropriate” other things that tag along with your YouTube videos. Use the website ViewPure by copying the URL of your chosen YouTube video and paste it into ViewPure where it will then strip away everything but the video. Some videos can be chosen at that time as well, such as dimension, background color. Or, a bookmarklet can be installed and clicked on anytime you’re viewing a YouTube video.

See my post on back in February about a similar web tool.

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Cool & Other Free Fonts



1001 Free Fonts

Check out this website for lots of downloadable fonts for Windows & Mac

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