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Good List of Google Search Tips


Info from Free Technology for Teachers….

Beyond Google — Click on this link for document to open in new window OR view below:

100 Google Search Tricks for the Savviest of Students

Google is a great resource for combing the web.  These tricks can help you find the best results, while saving time and making your life easier.

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Creating a Quiz with Google Forms


Creating a quiz with Google Forms is quick and easy.   The results are easy to read and tabulate.  When you create a quiz in Google Forms, it can be posted on your blog, the students take the quiz and their answers will appear in a easy-to-grade spreadsheet.  Several things to keep in mind:

1.  Make sure the first question is “student name”.
2.  You can mix question types (multiple choice, short answer, paragraph) but if you have too many types and too many students, the spreadsheet can become difficult to navigate.
3.  When embedding the form into a blog, make sure you edit the width to fit within your blog’s main column.

Instructional slide show prepared by Richard Byrne–“Technology for Teachers” blogger:  Create a Quiz Using Google Forms .

(PDF version if needed — HowtoCreateQuizUsingGoogleForms )

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Google Searches by Reading Level


One Google Tool I feel I can incorporate right away in my classroom in working more effectively with Google Searches.

I came across a tip from a posting by Tammy Worcester that outlines very clearly how a Google search can be filtered by “reading level” specific.

  1. 1. Go to:

  2. 2.Click the “Advanced Search” link at the right of the search window.

  3. Enter the desired keyword(s).

  4. Use the “Reading Level” pull-down menu to choose the desired reading level:
    Basic (easy reading)
    Advanced (more difficult reading levels)

  5. Click the Advanced Search button at the bottom right.

  6. The results page will show only pages with the desired reading level!

  7. Click the links beside the bar graph at the top of the results page to switch to a different reading level. (See screen shot above.)

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