Mrs. Bonicelli's Edublog

Hagen Jr. High

ikiMap–Creating Customized Maps


ikiMap–online website that following free registering, you can create new maps very easily and quickly. You could use the online editor tools to draw your map, or upload your files (KML, GPX, SPH …) to ikiMap.  This website allows you to create you own place marks and notated maps for sharing or viewing online.  Elements can be added to your map–routes, points of interest or areas.  Edit your map and define the map elements and how you want to see them.  Insert descriptions, tabs, change the background of the map, add texts and images, colors, transparency and lots more.

You don’t have to start from scratch,  you can upload  files to create a map.
  • Google Earth files (KML/KMZ)
  • GPS record tracks (gpx)
  • Even GIS shape files (sip)
Merge your maps with maps from others users creating an ikiMap.  The ikiMaps allows you to see simultaneously the information of a few maps, and manage them by layers.

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