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Shmoop–We Speak Student


 Shmoop is the modern answer to Cliff’s Notes, offering guides for everything from historical events to literature. Everything is broken down into easy-to-understand segments. For example, literature guides feature information such as character descriptions and quotes. In addition, users whose budget allows can explore gated areas including teacher guides and standardized test prep guides.  Shmoop […]

Khan Academy


Following a news show on TV about Salman Khan and his Khan Academy, I found what a great resource for all topics this man has started.  An online classroom that can be used by students and has been adopted by school districts replacing textbooks and face-to-face lectures.  Instead these classrooms are,  in reality, turned around […]

SkyDrive and Windows Live Mesh


We are trying out a PC feature of having a storage area in the clouds–SkyDrive, as well ,as remote access to our current school workstations with Live Mesh.  I prepared an instruction sheet for staff to follow.  Our District Tech Staff will assign any staff a SkyDrive account, install the software on their teacher workstation […]

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