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What is the difference between a “blog” and a “wiki”?


I couldn’t explain this to myself so I looked into it and like one resource mentioned of an Einstein quote, “if you can explain it simply, you probably don’t understand it well enough”.  Definitions are easy to find but this post from Mike Sansone really showed a concept that made more sense to me:

What’s the Difference between a Blog and a Wiki?

What’s the difference between a blog and a wiki? I get this question a lot, mostly from folks who don’t engage with either tool. Let’s look at a few metaphors:

Blog – a Talk Show with call-in guests (e.g., Bill O’Reilly) — while guests and callers can comment on the conversation, at the end of the day — it’s Bill’s show.

Wiki – a Talk Show with a panel (e.g., The View) — Everyone contributes to the conversation.



Blog – a boardroom table with a podium at the head of the table.

Wiki – a boardroom table that’s round.



Blog – is a single blank canvas

Wiki –  is a graffiti wall


One way to describe the difference is that a blog is a flow of thought or thoughts shared by one or more individuals with others commenting on those thoughts, whereas a wiki is a repository of thoughts or information with others modifying or contributing to the library of thoughts.

Here are a couple of videos to help us out (thanks to CommonCraft)

Blogs in Plain English

Blogs in Plain English

Wikis in Plain English

Wikis in Plain English

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