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Online Photo Editing Websites


A list of photo editing sites that not only allow the photo to be re-sized and edited, but also add effects.

  1. Sumo Paint – One of the most popular and oldest online photo editors around. Sumo Paint has lots of nice tools for editing a photo such as brush, shapes, crop and looks a lot like PhotoShop.
  2. Aviary – Aviary is one of the best online suites on the web for doing lots of multi-media things, including editing photos. Not only does it have an educational portal, but it also has browser extensions, and a very nice user interface.
  3. Splashup – A great site that is similar to Sumo Paint that allows users to edit photos and adjust pixels and layers as well.
  4. Cloud Canvas – Another great site for editing photos that allows users to draw, crop, and paint.
  5. Phixr – An easy site to use to upload a photo from a computer or social networking site and then edit by adding images or text.
  6. iPiccy – A great site for uploading a photo and then editing it with tools such as, text, drawing, or paint.
  7. Imageoid – A site that is similar to iPiccy for adding effects to an image.
  8. Citrify – An excellent free online photo editor with lots of options to choose from such as touch-ups, effects, etc.
  9. Fix Picture – A nice site for converting, resizing, or rotating an image.
  10. Picjuice – A site similar to Fix Picture where a user can crop, resize, rotate or adjust a photo.
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