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Wallwisher is an online notice board maker. It allows people to post messages to a online bulletin board or “wall”. Audio, video and links can be added right to the “sticky-note” along with your own message. The owner of the wall can screen the posts. Anyone can add to the wall by just clicking and adding their note–it can have your name or left anonymous.

Many possibilities, including book reviews, to do lists, feedback on a topics.  No cost and the wall can be embedded into a blog as well.

Sign up and create a Wallwisher account – it’s free!
If you want to create a wall without creating an account, it’s very simple – just click, write, post.
To build a wall:

* Select Build a wall from the top right menu and create a wall.
* Select an image and give your wall a title and a sub title
* Choose your wall url (6 – 20 characters)
* Decide who can view your wall and who can post to your wall.
* Select to approve every post before it shows on the wall. This way you can moderate all comments whether they are posted anonymously or by a named student.
* Choose a theme / color for the wall and select Done.

Double click anywhere on the wall to add a sticky note

31 Interesting Ways to use Wallwisher

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