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How to Edit the Size of Videos Embedded in Your Blog

Once you have a video that you would like to use on your blog, make sure it is the right size for your website.
Step 1 (After locating a video):
Open the embed options.
Step 2:
Select a video size that you think is close to the parameters of your blog’s main column. In this step you can also select a border and whether or not related videos should be shown after your video plays. Copy the code provided in the “embed” box.

Step 3:
Paste the video embed code into your blog’s post editor. (Depending on your blogging platform, you may have to do this in the “edit html” mode rather than “compose” mode). Now locate the “object width” and “object height” with the code you’ve copied. Following “object width” you should see a three digit number. That number is an indication of the number of pixels wide your video will be. Reduce the number to make the video player narrower. Now locate “object height” and reduce the number following it by an amount equal to the amount you reduced the width. You’re almost done. “Width” and “height” dimensions will appear again at the end of the code you’ve copied. Alter those dimensions to match the dimensions at the beginning of the code.

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