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Learners TV


This is a comprehensive site providing thousands of downloadable Video lectures, Live Online Tests,etc in the fields of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Accounting, Dentistry, Nursing, Psychology, History, Language Training, Literature, Law, Economics, Philosophy,Astronomy, Political Science etc FREE to its visitors… This site provides free video and audio lectures of […]

QR Codes Without a Camera–Use Google Chrome


QR codes need to be read by camera phones or webcam and that can be a problem.  Thanks to a entry by one of my most favorite techies, Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers, there is a solution to that problem. QRreader (beta) is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to use your […]

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QR Codes & Their Uses


I came across several posts by Tammy Worcester on her blog “Tip of the Week” and I will include links below: First:  Explanation and use of QR Codes   Then, how to add audio to your QR Code:  

103 Interesting Ways to use an iPad in the Classroom


  Now it has an new and improved version…  

ThingLink–Creating Interactive Images


Thinglink is a neat tool for creating interactive images.  This is a free, online registration website for embeding audio, video and rich media links directly in images and share them across the web.  Bring in your images from anywhere.  You can bring images from the web by copying their URL, import from Flickr with an […]

Online Convertor of ANYTHING!


This conversion tool is awesome—it is free, no need for registration and it will just about convert anything—text files, audio files, video files.  Want to convert a video to a new format or download a video from the web? Do you need to convert an audio file to MP3 or WAV? No problem, Online-Convert has you covered. Need […]

Google Drive is Alive! Keep Anything–Share Anytime


Google Drive, Google’s online file storage system, is now alive. With it you can upload and access all of your files including videos, photos, PDFs, Google Docs and more. Google Docs is integrated with Google Drive so you can work on all your documents, presentations and spreadsheets, as well as share content and then add and reply […]

Google Drive & Google Docs For Teachers


Google Drive and Docs for Teachers 2012



iPad Uses?

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iPad–Saving Battery Life


Multitasking on the Apple iPad lets users run apps at the same time and quickly switch back and forth between those apps. Close apps you don’t need to tidy up the list of recently used apps and extend the iPad’s battery life, as apps running in the background cause the battery to drain at a […]

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